Comments emailed to us directly:

“I can’t tell you how touched I was by your film! I have traveled all over the world and for some reason I never had any interest to visit Iran. After seeing your film I can’t wait to go. I wish you all luck with it.”  Vic

“I viewed it with considerable interest and pleasure. Like many, I am guilty of thinking of Iran through the prism of the news events of recent years (even though I know better) and it was a good experience to make a video tour of the country with more sympathetic and inclusive eyes.” David

“I watched your beautiful documentary on KCET.  I too grew up in Esfahan (New Julfa, the Armenian quarters).  First, I would like to thank you for taking me decades back to my nostalgic birthplace.  It is so difficult to describe all the feelings awakened in me.” Vazrik

“My family is from Isfahan and I would love them to have a copy of your documentary.  It was very well done and I enjoyed every minute of it.  Especially the subtle political history review you had in it was tastefully done.”  Narbeh

“I watched your documentary and loved it. I would like to get a copy and keep it for my granddaughter when she is old enough to understand it. She is 2 now!”  Mitra

“I would like to have a copy of your film. So that when I am gone my son will watch the Iran as “I” remember.  Thank you for the movie, and the memories that brought tears to my heart and my soul.”  Gita

“Thank you for your amazing work on your documentary.  I am an American married to an Iranian for the past 40 years.  We also visited my husband’s homeland this past June for a family wedding!  It was my fourth trip!  How the country has changed since my first trip in 1971! Thank you again for your work to show the world your precious homeland!”  Glenna

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